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Patches the Pirate can be obtained through Mean Streets of Gadgetzan "Gadgetzan, where the gangs rule the streets; Gadgetzan, full of swindlers and cheats. Zip and sing the ring-a-ding-ding, on the mean streets of Gadgetzan! Gadgetzan, where the crime doesn t pay; Gadgetzan - but we do hearthstone card packs Card pack concept art Card packs are items that players can open to acquire cards for filling a player s collection. Only card packs for the current Standard format sets are available for purchase in the hearthstone , through crafting Crafting mode, in Standard format mode The crafting system is an element of Hearthstone that allows players to directly create new cards. It can be accessed through the My Collection screen. Crafting consumes Arcane Dust hearthstone , or as an Arena A video explaining the Arena in Hearthstone made by the Curse Gamepedia @@@#@@@YouTube( Channel. The Arena is a game mode where players compete against each other using specially constructed decks to earn substantial rewards. It hearthstone reward.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Patches the Pirate 1600 400
Golden Golden cards often add movement and visual effects, like with this golden Piloted Shredder "Golden" redirects here. For information on golden heroes, see Golden heroes. Golden cards are special, rarer versions of cards. Each card hearthstone Patches the Pirate 3200 1600


Patches the Pirate
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Charge For the card of the same name, see Charge (card) Charge is an ability allowing a minion to attack the same turn it is summoned. Charge is available to all classes, but is most strongly hearthstone . After you play a Pirate, summon this minion from your deck.

What do sailors yell when Patches steals their treasure chest full of laws and other things being transported to parliament for a vote? "The Eyes have it!"

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Patches the Pirate is a legendary Rarity is a rough measure of the quality and scarcity of a card. Cards of higher rarity are typically more powerful and more useful, but are harder to find and more expensive to craft. There hearthstone neutral Neutral is the term used to describe cards which are not limited to a specific class. Neutral collectible cards can be included in any deck, regardless of hero. Neutral cards use a plain, grey card hearthstone minion Bloodfen Raptor, a simple minion card. A Beast-type minion, it has 3 Attack, 2 Health and a mana cost of 2. Minions are persistent creatures on the battlefield that will fight for their hero. Minion hearthstone card, from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan "Gadgetzan, where the gangs rule the streets; Gadgetzan, full of swindlers and cheats. Zip and sing the ring-a-ding-ding, on the mean streets of Gadgetzan! Gadgetzan, where the crime doesn t pay; Gadgetzan - but we do hearthstone set.



Only desirable in a deck containing Pirates Pirates are a type of minion. The majority of Pirate cards fit a weapon theme and are most useful in decks that featureSpecial attraction a lot of weapons. Pirates are associated with the rogue and warrior hearthstone , good timing is required to make the most of this card, since it will enter the battlefield as soon as the player summons their first Pirate - provided there is space, and provided it hasn`t already been drawn. If it isn`t drawn first, this is effectively a free card. As with other similar effects, Patches will always be summoned on the right side of the board, which is relevant for positional buffs like the one granted by Flametongue Totem Flametongue Totem Set: Basic Type: Minion Subtype: Totem Class: Shaman Cost: 2 Attack: 0 Health: 3 Tags: Ongoing effect, Positional effect Adjacent minions have +2 Attack.Totemsmiths like to use the rarest woods for their totems. hearthstone .

For Rogues Contents 1 Heroes 2 Overview 3 Background 4 Hero Power 4.1 Unique mechanics 5 Strategy 5.1 Countering a rogue 6 Spells 6.1 Uncollectible 7 Minions 7.1 Uncollectible 8 Weapons 8.1 Uncollectible 9 Leveling rewards 9.1 hearthstone , Patches is a nice supplement for turn-one plays thanks to having many useful Pirate one-drops, such as Swashburglar Swashburglar Set: One Night in Karazhan Type: Minion Subtype: Pirate Class: Rogue Rarity: Common Cost: 1 Attack: 1 Health: 1 Abilities: Battlecry, Generate Tags: Class-related, Random Battlecry: Add a random class card to your hand hearthstone and especially Small-Time Buccaneer.

This card forms a combo with Gang Up Gang Up Set: Blackrock Mountain Type: Spell Class: Rogue Rarity: Common Cost: 2 Abilities: Copy, Generate, Shuffle into deck Choose a minion. Shuffle 3 copies of it into your deck.If you are thinking about visiting hearthstone : by casting it on Patches, the next time the player plays a Pirate they will summon three more Patches.

Patches is most easily activated in a Pirate deck, such as Pirate Warrior Charge, you say? Eye eye eye eye eye, Captain! Pirate Warrior is a warrior aggro deck that uses high amounts of weapons and Pirates. The deck rose to prominence in late 2016 with the releaseAnnounce hearthstone , that contains many Pirates. Be that as it may, many other deck types can be modified to include a few Pirates, or may already include some, without truly being a Pirate deck. Examples include Small-Time Buccaneer, Southsea Deckhand Southsea Deckhand Set: Classic Type: Minion Subtype: Pirate Rarity: Common Cost: 1 Attack: 2 Health: 1 Abilities: Charge Tags: Ongoing effect, Weapon-related Has Charge while you have a weapon equipped.Pirates are into this new fad hearthstone , Bloodsail Raider Bloodsail Raider Set: Classic Type: Minion Subtype: Pirate Rarity: Common Cost: 2 Attack: 2 Health: 3 Abilities: Battlecry Tags: Weapon-related Battlecry: Gain Attack equal to the Attack of your weapon."I only plunder on days that hearthstone and Dread Corsair Dread Corsair Set: Classic Type: Minion Subtype: Pirate Rarity: Common Cost: 4 Attack: 3 Health: 3 Abilities: Modify cost, Taunt Tags: In-hand effect, Ongoing effect, Weapon-related Taunt. Costs (1) less per Attack of your weapon."Yarrrr" hearthstone . Even a couple of Pirates is enough to benefit from including Patches, serving to effectively buff the value of those cards.

Patches also has some value by "shrinking" the player`s deck - activating his put into battlefield effect Put into battlefield effects are abilities which puts cards from the player s deck or hand directly into the battlefield. They may affect minions or spells, and may require a specific type or sub-type of card. hearthstone means the player effectively plays with a 29-card deck, making draws ever so slightly more predictable.



I`M in charge now!
Aye aye!


Patches saw its first iteration in early 2014 as "Dragon Whelp", a non-legendary 1/1 Dragon to be included in the Blackrock Mountain "Have you heard the rumblings? The mountain stirs once more. Beneath its crags, cliffs and rocks, there s evil in its core. Fire made flesh! Dragon s breath! Teeth and claw and flame! Calling any heroes out hearthstone set. Its effect was similar to the final card, but was triggered by the playing of a Dragon rather than a Pirate, and it did not have Charge. The non-legendary status also allowed the player to include 2 copies in their deck. Be that as it may, a preference for Dragons to mostly remain high-cost, and "odd" synergy with Faerie Dragon Faerie Dragon Set: Classic Type: Minion Subtype: Dragon Rarity: Common Cost: 2 Attack: 3 Health: 2 Abilities: Elusive Can t be targeted by Spells or Hero Powers.Adorable. Immune to Magic. Doesn t pee on the rug. The hearthstone resulted in the developers dropping card from the set, and trying it as a legendary minion in the next set.

The developers "briefly considered" making the card a Murloc Murlocs are a type of minion, best known for their swarming gameplay and board-wide synergy. Relatively weak in isolation, their low mana cost allows them to quickly flood the board, with their synergistic effects causing hearthstone , but despite its design fitting with the type`s swarming gameplay, it was found to be the most fun as a Pirate. Once it was changed to a legendary, the developers tried making the card a 2/1, before settling on a 1/1 Charge design. While it worked well in the Grand Tournament "From east to west, heroes are sent, seeking glory in the greatest of events... there are knights on noble steeds; those who will bring them to their knees; there are monsters to test their mettle hearthstone set, the card was removed "last second" due to synergy with One-Eyed Cheat and Ship`s Cannon Ship s Cannon Set: Goblins vs Gnomes Type: Minion Rarity: Common Cost: 2 Attack: 2 Health: 3 Abilities: Deal damage Tags: Pirate-related, Random, Summoning-related, Triggered effect After you summon a Pirate, deal 2 damage to a hearthstone . It was only the introduction of game formats Game formats present distinct ways to play Hearthstone. There are two main game formats: Standard and Wild. Other game formats present themselves in tournaments as tournament formats (e.g. Conquest, Last Hero Standing, Sealed Deck, Pauper, hearthstone and the relegation of One-Eyed Cheat to Wild format Wild format or Wild is one of Hearthstone s two game formats, the other being Standard format. Wild format appears in game modes in which players are allowed to play decks without the deck restrictions of hearthstone that would later make the card`s design viable; this would prevent it from achieving problematic power levels in Standard format, while its higher power level would not be considered problematic in Wild format, which has a higher power level overall as well as a higher tolerance for unusual combos in general.

Prior to the card`s removal, The Grand Tournament featured two legendary Pirate minions: Skycap`n Kragg Skycap n Kragg Set: The Grand Tournament Type: Minion Subtype: Pirate Rarity: Legendary Cost: 7 Attack: 4 Health: 6 Abilities: Charge, Modify cost Tags: Battlefield-related, In-hand effect, Ongoing effect, Pirate-related CharrrrrgeCosts (1) less for each friendly hearthstone and Captain Scaleblade The subject of this article has been removed from Hearthstone. The unnamed The Grand Tournament minion briefly seen at the beginning of the expansion trailer. Captain Scaleblade 1] was a minion card originally planned to hearthstone . The card discussed on this page was the original Skycap`n Kragg. Because the art for that card was somewhat iconically seen in the expansion`s trailer, when the effect of the card was deemed too powerful, the art and titles of the two Pirates were swapped, with Skycap`n Kragg becoming a 4/6 Charge, and the other design (and character) being left out of the set.

Be that as it may, while it was removed from the set, the original stats and art for the removed Pirate card were still shown in the expansion`s trailer. As a result, players became curious about the unnamed legendary. Brode revealed some background about the card, including that it had been removed due to synergy with an unnamed card from the Goblins vs Gnomes "Goblins and gnomes… goblins and gnomes! Both are super-brilliant - but you would never know! Everything they seem to make is faulty or explodes… Perfecting imperfection - goblins and gnomes!" Wild format Goblins vs Gnomes hearthstone set, but stated that he was "going to try and sneak it in again someday, so no spoilers". Balance Designer Dean Ayala Dean Ayala Set: CREDITS Type: Minion Rarity: Legendary Cost: 7 Attack: 7 Health: 5 You can t lose stars while this is in your deck.See this card on Hearthpwn data page] Aug. Dean Ayala is a hearthstone described it as his favourite card, stating "it was a card so awesome that it would have overshadowed everything else, thus must have been cut."

With Brode continuing to champion its inclusion in each new set, the developers tried again to add the card in Whispers of the Old Gods  "Now I ve got a tale to tell you... of the ones from long ago. There s an evil that s been dreaming, but now it s softly screaming! From the darkness their power will grow. Their voices are hearthstone , as the original design for N`Zoth`s First Mate (initially jokingly titled "Dean⃢₀ₙs First Mate", in reference to Dean Ayala`s love of the card). Be that as it may, despite being a Warrior-only card, the design was again cut. In Jul. 2016 Brode admitted that he regretted not having made the card.

It was not until 16 months after its first public appearance in the The Grand Tournament trailer that the card would see an official debut as Patches the Pirate, featured as part of the initial reveal for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan "Gadgetzan, where the gangs rule the streets; Gadgetzan, full of swindlers and cheats. Zip and sing the ring-a-ding-ding, on the mean streets of Gadgetzan! Gadgetzan, where the crime doesn t pay; Gadgetzan - but we do hearthstone . The set was the right fit for Patches due to several factors, most importantly the removal of One-Eyed Cheat and Ship`s Cannon from Standard format, as well as the position of Mean Streets as the final set of the year, resulting in a bigger card pool and thus a reduced likelihood of Patches having a `disproportionate` impact.

Patches is therefore the third name and art for the same underlying card design, with all three depicting flying pirates of one kind or another. According to senior game designer Matt Place, the card`s roughly 2 year history "might be the record. It`s certainly one of the longest running development cycles of any card."


"It was my favorite card and a lot of the design group still makes fun of me. Because it was the last week before BRM and he was in the set and I was like, `Oh, this is awesome, I want to play him in my deck.` And then I got sick and I came back and they were like, `Oh, we cut your favorite card.` Now every time anyone gets sick we`re like, `What`s your favorite card?` `No! I`m not telling you!`"
  • The name "Patches the Pirate" may be a reference to the character "Patchy the Pirate" from the cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Patches` use of "I`m" and "aye" in his summon and attack quotes, respectively, are likely intended as puns on "eye".
  • Patches` summoning quote could be a reference to the line "Look at me, I am the captain now" from the movie Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks.


Patches the Pirate, full art