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House of Tahlin (House of Tahlin) Dota2

House of Tahlin Associated with Heroes Riki Factions Tahlin WatchBladebreaker Order Cosmetics Shadow Masquerade The House of Tahlin was a great dynasty of rulers who governed an unnamed kingdom. They are guarded by the Tahlin
Tahlin Watch (Tahlin Watch) Dota2

Tahlin Watch Associated with Heroes Riki Factions House of Tahlin Cosmetics Implements of the Tahlin Watch Set The Tahlin Watch were the royal guardians of the House of Tahlin, reserved to particularly talented individuals. They
Skywrath (Skywrath) Dota2

This article is about the race in Dota 2 lore. For the hero, see Skywrath Mage. Skywrath Associated with Heroes Skywrath Mage Vengeful Spirit Places Ghastly EyrieAvilliva Gods Scree auk The Skywrath are a race of