Version 7.00


Version 7.00
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Dota 2:
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  • Added new Talents system.
  • Every hero has gained a series of Talents that players can select at levels 10/15/20/25, offering powerful augmentations to their capabilities.
  • Select from one of two branches to gain special bonuses.


  • Heroes now have a backpack that allows them to carry three additional items.
  • Items in your backpack are inactive (cannot be activated or grant passive bonuses), and remain so for 6 seconds when moved from backpack.
  • Items cooldown at only half the rate when they are anywhere except your main inventory.
  • Cannot put the following items in your backpack: Gem of True Sight, Divine Rapier, Bloodstone, and Aegis of the Immortal.
  • Items can always be moved out of backpack with no inactivity timer when near a shop.
  • Disassembling items now tries to fill your inventory or backpack first before dropping to the ground.
  • Disassembling items auto-locks them from combining with other items. Use right click to unlock.


  • Hero kill gold bounty from 110 + Streak + Level * 9.9 to 110 + Streak + Level * 8
  • Death cost reworked:
    • Old: 30 x Hero Level
    • New: 100 + Net Worth/50
  • AoE gold per hero adjusted:
Assisting Heroes Old New
1 150 + 6 * Level 140 + 5 * Level
2 100 + 5 * Level 70 + 4 * Level
3 40 + 4 * Level 35 + 3 * Level
4 25 + 3 * Level 25 + 2 * Level
5 20 + 3 * Level 20 + 1 * Level


  • Ultimate levels are now at 6/12/18
  • Heroes no longer have the attribute bonus ability
  • Heroes now have 4 Talents that can be leveled at level 10/15/20/25. Each level gives you two bonuses to choose between. Each hero has their own unique set of bonuses; see below for the list of bonuses.

Level Experience

  • XP required to reach Level 12 is the same as previous Level 11 (level 2 ultimate)
  • XP required to reach Level 18 is the same as previous Level 16 (level 3 ultimate)
  • XP required to reach Level 25 is the same as previous Level 23
  • Smoothed out XP progression from level 8->13 to be always incrementing
    • Previously was 800/1000/1000/600/2200/800
  • See change table here.

Hero Kill Experience

  • Adjusted Hero Kill XP Table
    • Starts to ramp up at level 8 instead of 6
  • See change table here.


  • Reworked Respawn Timetable
    • Ultimate levels roughly same respawn time now as before.
    • The pattern is increments by 2, then jumps by 10 after ult levels. Starting at level 18 it increments by 4.
  • See change table here.


  • Moved Roshan to new area near top Powerup Rune spot
  • Roshan attack range increased from 128 to 150
  • Roshan armor increased from 5 to 15
  • Roshan @@@#@@@HP( reduced from 8000 to 5500
  • Roshan HPTechnology company gain per 4 minutes reduced from 700 to 460
  • Roshan armor gain per 4 minutes increased from 0.7 to 1.1


  • Added new building type ⃢₀ₔ Shrine (has 1500 HP, 20 Armor)
  • There are Shrines near each team`s Secret Shop and new Ancient Camp locations. Shrines can be teleported to. Shrines become vulnerable whenever all Tier 2 towers fall for the respective team.
  • Each team also has 5 Shrines inside the base.
  • Shrines have an ability with a 5 minute cooldown. Allied heroes can right-click to activate it, generating a 500 AoE aura that lasts for 5 seconds. The aura provides 120/40 HP/MP regeneration per second (heal *values increase during the game by 2 HPTechnology company / 1 MP per minute). Activates once you are in melee range after right-clicking on it. Shrines ability becomes available to use outside of the base once creeps spawn at 0:00.
  • Shrines do not grant vision.
  • Shrines provide a 150 gold bounty for each player on the team when killed.


See more: Runes
  • Runes are now two different categories: Powerup Runes (Haste, Double Damage, etc.) and Bounty Runes.
    • They do not spawn at the start of the game.
  • Bounty Runes are no longer located in the River.
    • Including the start of the game.
  • Powerup Rune spawns now occur at only one river location at a time.
  • Each of the four jungles now spawns a Bounty Rune every 2 minutes.
  • Greevil`s Greed Bounty Rune multiplier rescaled from 3/4/5/6x to a constant 2x
  • Bottle now only replenishes 2 charges when filled with a Bounty Rune.
    • Hero will auto-consume Bounty Runes if Bottle already has full charges.


  • Reworked entire jungle terrain for Radiant and Dire (both primary and secondary jungles), and all connecting routes
  • The Primary jungle for each team now has 1 Ancient, 2 hard, 2 medium, and 1 small camp.
    • Previously 2 hard, 2 medium, and 1 small camp.
  • The Secondary jungle for each team now has 1 Ancient, 1 hard, and 1 medium camp.
    • Previously 1 ancient and 1 hard camp.

Terrain Layout

  • Reworked the paths and hiding spots to the left and right of the side lanes
  • Reworked many ward spot locations and juke paths
  • Added various juke paths near the map edges between tier 1 and tier 2 towers
  • Adjusted tree distribution to the left of the top radiant barracks


  • New Ancients: Prowler Acolyte and Prowler Shaman
  • Neutrals spawn time from 0:30/1/2/3/4/etc. to 0:30/1/3/5/7/etc.
  • Dying to Neutral creeps now causes your hero to have a minimum respawn time of 26 (equal to level 6 respawn time)
  • Ancients are no longer Spell Immune; now have 70% Magic Resistance. Any that had lower values before still have lower values.
  • The following abilities do not affect Ancients: Arcane Orb and Chakram. Midnight Pulse already ignores Ancients.
  • Neutral creeps now have 1 mana regen. Previously most had no mana regen.
  • Swapped order of Ancient Thunderhide abilities (Slam is now 3rd). Relevant for Doom.
  • Swapped order of Ancient Black Dragon abilities (Dragonhide Aura is now 3rd). Relevant for Doom.


  • Tier 4 towers now have the same regeneration as the Ancient.
    • 3 HP/sec.
  • Using TP scroll no longer destroys nearby trees. Terrain around towers has been adjusted to ensure there isn`t a spot you can get stuck.
  • Glyph cooldown refresh is now granted 1 second after a Tier 1 tower dies rather than immediately.
  • Ancient Building vision increased from 1900/1200 to 2600. Grants basic vision over the base high ground area.
  • Reduced Effigy building count in each base from 15 to 5
  • Adjusted Effigy building positions in the base
  • Effigy buildings HP increased from 500 to 1000
  • Effigy buildings armor increased from 10 to 12
  • Effigy buildings bounty increased from 111 to 125 to the killer
  • Fixed Glyph not affecting Effigy buildings
  • Tier 2/3/4 towers damage rescaled from 122-182 to 142-162. Same average damage.


See more: Illusions
  • Illusions now give Gold and XP bounties
  • Illusions provide 5 + Level Gold and XP. For instance, a level 15 illusion gives a 20 gold/XP bounty.
  • Illusions attack damage penalty against buildings increased from 30% to 50%
  • Attack Speed bonuses now work on Illusions. Previously some sources worked and most didn`t, in particular raw item bonuses.
  • Magic Resistance bonuses no longer work on Illusions. Previously some sources worked and some didn`t.
  • The following Auras are now generated by illusions. Most auras behave this way: Heartstopper Aura, Precision Aura, and Essence Aura.
  • Illusions no longer benefit from Dragon Blood armor bonus. Now the same as how other direct armor bonuses do not benefit illusions.
  • The following illusions have a constant bounty value (rather than the formula above):
    • Juxtapose illusions give a constant 5 gold/xp bounty.
    • Wall of Replica illusions give a constant 5 gold/xp bounty.


  • Root now disables the following movement spells: Burrow Strike, Waveform, Blink Strike, Phantom Strike, Reality Rift, Pounce, Skewer, Ball Lightning, Timber Chain, Rolling Boulder, Icarus Dive, Leap, Poof, and Time Walk.
  • Dispel Mechanics:
    • Standardized Dispel mechanics - ability tooltips now list if they are Undispellable, Dispellable, or Dispellable only by Strong Dispels.
    • Abilities that Dispel now list what type of Dispel they apply (Basic Dispel or Strong Dispel).
    • The following skills are no longer undispellable: Soul Catcher, Stampede slow, Recall, Windrun, Rocket Barrage, Howl, and Sprint.
    • Insatiable Hunger is no longer dispellable.
    • Fixed Fatal Bonds continuing to do damage to you after the buff was dispelled
  • Cleave Mechanics
    • Cleave area is now calculated as a cone in the direction of your attack (instead of a circle whose edge starts in front of the attacking unit):
    • The overall distance from which a unit can be hit is roughly the same with the new cleave values.
Source Start Radius End Radius Distance
Battle Fury 150 280 520
Empower 150 240 460
Grow 150 400 600
Tidebringer 150 450/500/550/600 675/750/825/900
Great Cleave 150 300 550


  • Max movement speed increased from 522 to 550
  • Haste rune duration reduced from 25 to 22 seconds
  • Turn rate cap increased by 15% (turn rate ramps up over time as you start turning, the max values that it reaches while you turn are increased by 15%, not the initial value or acceleration/deceleration rate)
  • Lane creeps now give 50% of experience when denied by neutrals rather than 35% (normal player denies give 50% experience)
  • Temporarily removed the following heroes from Captains Mode: Necrophos, Techies, Lycan, and Treant
  • The following abilities no longer disjoint projectiles: Borrowed Time, True Form, Pounce, Metamorphosis, and Leap
  • The following abilities now disjoint projectiles: Test of Faith, Recall, and Morph Replicate
  • The following projectiles are now disjointable: Splinter Blast secondary hit and Soul Assumption
  • The following abilities no longer have special rules/restrictions for Ancients: Battle Hunger, Adaptive Strike, Electric Vortex, and Last Word
  • The following abilities now use Pseudo Random Distribution: Juxtapose, Craggy Exterior, Alpha Wolf Critical Strike, and Giant Wolf Critical Strike
  • Searing Chains Ensnare now reveals invisible units, similar to other Root debuffs.
  • The following flying vision abilities are reduced in AoE: Unstable Concoction Throw (400->300), Wild Axes (500->350), Spirits impact (300->150), Chain Frost (1000->800), Sprout (1000->750), Sacred Arrow (650->500), Illusory Orb (800->550), Stifling Dagger (600->450), Concussive Shot (400->300), and Static Remnant (600->500)
  • Moon Glaive no longer gets boosted by Spell Amplification.
  • Cleave no longer gets boosted by Spell Amplification.
  • Spell Lifesteal does not trigger heal for things that don`t receive spell amplification (Moon Glaive, Cleave).
  • Fixed the following passives not being disabled by Break: Golem Flaming Fists, Golem Permanent Immolation, Last Will, Boar`s Poison, Lycan Wolf Cripple, Necronomicon Archer Aura, Necronomicon Mana Break


Monkey King For the in-game item, see Monkey King Bar.   Hero   Strategy   Counters   Equipment   Gear   Responses   Sounds   Lore   Old Abilities   Changelogs   Known Bugs     Monkey dota2

Balance Updates

  • Mist Coil cast point reduced from 0.35 to 0.25
  • Mist Coil now has a fast projectile
    • Has 2000 speed.
  • Aphotic Shield cast point reduced from 0.452 to 0.4
Level 10: +25 Damage OR +15% XP Gain
Level 15: +5 Armor OR +200 Mana
Level 20: +25 Movement Speed OR 15% Cooldown Reduction
Level 25: +25 Strength OR +200 Shield HP
Alchemist   Hero   Strategy   Counters   Equipment   Gear   Responses   Sounds   Lore   Old Abilities   Changelogs   Known Bugs     Alchemist 25 + 2.1 11 + 1.2 25 + dota2
  • Greevil`s Greed Bounty Rune multiplier rescaled from 3/4/5/6x to a constant 2x
Level 10: +20 Damage OR +4 Armor
Level 15: +15 Movement Speed OR +6 All Stats
Level 20: +30 Attack Speed OR +300 Health
Level 25: 30% Lifesteal OR -4 Acid Spray Armor
Ancient Apparition
  • Cold Feet cannot target a unit already affected by Cold Feet.
Level 10: +60 Gold/Min OR +8% Spell Amplification
Level 15: +15 Intelligence OR +25 Health Regen
Level 20: +35 Movement Speed OR -30s Respawn Time
Level 25: +80 Chilling Touch Damage OR 3 Charges of Cold Feet
  • Added a Scepter for Anti-Mage.
    • Causes Spell Shield to passively block and reflect a targeted spell once every 12 seconds. Disabled with Break.
Level 10: +6 Strength OR +20 Damage
Level 15: +20 Attack Speed OR +250 HP
Level 20: 15% Evasion OR +10 All Stats
Level 25: -2s Blink Cooldown OR +25 Agility
Arc Warden   Hero   Strategy   Counters   Equipment   Gear   Responses   Sounds   Lore   Old Abilities   Changelogs   Known Bugs     Arc Warden 24 + 3 15 + 1.8 24 dota2
  • Added to Captains Mode
  • Spark Wraith vision type changed from flying to ground
  • Flux cast range reduced from 600/700/800/900 to 500/600/700/800
  • Tempest Double no longer copies consumables (includes Bottle)
  • Tempest Double cooldown increased from 40/35/30 to 60/50/40
  • Tempest Double gold/XP bounty increased from 160 to 180
  • Tempest Double now decrements its BKB charges when it uses it
Level 10: +125 Health OR +25 Attack Speed
Level 15: +30 Damage OR +8 Strength
Level 20: 10% Cooldown Reduction OR +100 Attack Range
Level 25: 30% Lifesteal OR +175 Spark Wraith Damage
Level 10: +6 Strength OR +3 Mana Regen
Level 15: +75 Damage OR +250 Health
Level 20: +25 Health Regen OR +30 Movement Speed
Level 25: +100 Battle Hunger DPS OR +15 Armor
Level 10: +6 Armor OR +200 Mana
Level 15: +25% XP Gain OR +250 Health
Level 20: +35 Movement Speed OR +175 Cast Range
Level 25: +120 Enfeeble Damage Reduction OR +200 Brain Sap Damage/Heal
Level 10: +10 Intelligence OR +4 Armor
Level 15: +175 Health OR +5% Spell Amplification
Level 20: 15% Cooldown Reduction OR +35 Movement Speed
Level 25: +8s Firefly Duration OR +200 Flamebreak AoE/Knockback
Level 10: +15% XP Gain OR +20 Movement Speed
Level 15: +12 Strength OR -25s Respawn Time
Level 20: 12% Cooldown Reduction OR +300 Health
Level 25: +175 Wild Axes Damage OR +120 Damage
  • Thirst now lingers for 2 seconds after a target dies.
Level 10: +5 Armor OR +25 Damage
Level 15: +30 Attack Speed OR +250 Health
Level 20: -30s Respawn Time OR +10 All Stats
Level 25: -7s Blood Rite Cooldown OR 30% Lifesteal
Bounty Hunter "Bounty" redirects here. For the reward earned from last-hits, see Gold.   Hero   Strategy   Counters   Equipment   Gear   Responses   Sounds   Lore   Old Abilities   Changelogs   Known Bugs dota2
  • Added Scepter to Bounty Hunter. Allows Shuriken Toss to bounce twice on each hero (bounces on everyone once, then bounces through each one again)
Level 10: +175 Health OR +15% XP Gain
Level 15: +40 Attack Speed OR +15 Movement Speed
Level 20: +10% Spell Amplification OR +100 Damage
Level 25: 20% Evasion OR -5s Jinada Cooldown
  • Earth Brewling`s Demolish increased from 150% to 300%
  • Storm Brewling`s Dispel magic damage to summons increased from 850 to 1000
  • Drunken Haze is now a proper projectile (1600 speed).
  • Drunken Haze cast point reduced from 0.4 to 0.3
  • Drunken Haze no longer has different durations for heroes and creeps.
  • Drunken Haze n