Version 6.12b


Version 6.12b
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  • Balance changes.
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← 6.12 Version 6.12(Full list) Balance changes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.116.12b →  -Mac issue improved a bit -Increased mana cost per level on leo reincarnation -Removed many rocks that stopped certain spells from working and 6.13 → Version 6.13(Full list) Balance changes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.12b6.14 →  -New hero: Strygwyr, the Bloodseeker -Much faster game loading -Viper gains new ability -Darkterror gains new ability -Reduced hero selection lag -Recoded Avalanche

 --I appologize for the frequent releases, but i needed to releaseAnnounce this to address some issues and make this map stable as i did not feel 6.12 was better then 6.09b in ANY way, 6.12b will be though. There is also a very abusable bug with chronosphere that was reported and needed to be fixed asap. --Tweaked clinkz, leo, tb and naix. Better balance between 6.12 and 6.09b --Stout shield removed, may be reintroduced as a recipe item in the future --Improved necronomicon and its abilities as it levels --Recipes sell for 80% of the cost, helps with misclicks --Few misc typos and bugs  Notes: ====  --I`ve decided to restore techies. Not because i don`t think the reasons for his issues are valid, but because i think the concept of that tavern for a hero like techies is flawed. He was in DotA for a very long time. If someone has an idea to make him a better overall hero, suggest it, but i won`t outright remove him from normal play. I`d rather get a better solution for him, and i intend to, in the very near future. --The New hero tavern "-new" will be used mainly for future heroes as a buffer location, which will further improve map stability. Invoker is in that tavern now but he will be moved to normal in a version or so after he becomes stable. --I do not want to see posts complaining about anything until you guys actually TRY the new changes in a few games, as they are more or less all for the better. --I will be implementing a strict balance forum system in the near future to help filter between noob complaining and real issues.