Version 6.11


Version 6.11
(Full list) See game build updates. For a list of all updates, see Patches. Versions are successive Dota 2 builds that bring new content and balance changes to the game. Most major versions are
  • Bug fixes.
Release Date
Date Needed
← 6.10 Version 6.10(Full list) Added new hero: Invoker Reworked Faceless Void. Release Date DotA:2005-06-06  ← 6.09b6.11 →  -Faceless void remade -Invoker, new scourge hero -Improved item drop system (all items can now be dropped once cooldown 6.12 → Version 6.12(Full list) Balance changes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.116.12b →  -Mac issue improved a bit -Increased mana cost per level on leo reincarnation -Removed many rocks that stopped certain spells from working and

 -Recreate bug fixed where anyhero could instantly relearn all his abilities (no cd zeus bug as well as others) -Invoke will only add an ability if its not the one you have (can`t refresh current) -Decreased the aoe and the damage on chaos meteor -Typo on actual mana lost on EMP -Slight decreate to aoe on energy ball -Reduced the regen on exort -Removed delayed effect on chronosphere and gave it a proper casting time so it matches sphere effect -Reduced base damage on invoker -Chronosphere typo -Fixed bug where using fissure on edge would crash the game (Trystero) -Nerfed the extra damage during timewalk -Reduced cooldown on BKB -Minor tweaks to dragon tail -Chaos Meteor lag improved -Icy path lag improved -CK critical tooltip + slight change to crit distribution -Sand Storm lag improved -Improved Greaterbash/Backtrack lag issue a bit -Fixed aegis undroppable bug -Betrayal bugs: death with aegis, leaver during betrayal and bush tk resolved -Perm dd bug fixed -Leshrac and Ursa may now use -recreate -Fixed some aegis bugs relating to omnislash, waveform, etc -Ring of Protection price decreased by 50 -Decreased model size of Ignis Fatuus -TDA Gaming rules updated -Stout shield 200->250 -Fixed bug with goo where it would do an extra -3 armor -Scepter no longer droppable due to a fatal error issue with chicken -Spirit Bear level 3 typo on entangle -Mac issue with 6.10 might be resolved, further investagtion will be done if its not