Pyrion Flax Announcer Pack


Pyrion Flax Announcer Pack
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This pack replaces the Default announcer and Mega-Kills announcer with the unique and unruly humor of Dota 2 satirist Pyrion Flax.
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Announcer: Pyrion Flax
Mega-Kills: Pyrion Flax



50% chance, only for All Pick, Least Played, Limited Heroes and Mid Only

  • Play Um, is this thing working? followup
  • Play Dota 2. If you are playing with friends, say goodbye to them now. followup
  • Play Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to Dota 2. followup
  • Play Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to Dota 2. followup
  • Play Welcome to Pyrion Flax`s guide to losing at Dota 2. followup
  • Play Uh welcome to Pyrion Flax`s guide to Dota 2. followup
  • Play Phone off the hook. Shirt off. Pants off. Time to Dotes! followup
  • Play Time for Dota! Mhu hu ha ha haa! followup
  • Play Mhu hu hu ha ha ha! Let us Dotes. followup
  • Play Dota 2 welcomes you! followup
  • Play u Welcome to Dota 2.
  • Play It`s a lovely day outside and here you are, playing Dota 2. followup

5% chance, only for the same modes as above

  • Play Pyrion Flax announcer pack? Seriously? followup

1% chance, only for the same modes as above

  • Play Pyrion Flax in the house! followup

Game mode

All Pick

  • Play r All pick, thank God.
  • Play r All pick.

All Random

  • Play r All random? What the bloody hell is going on?
  • Play r All random? Why would you do such a thing?
  • Play r All random.

Captain`s Draft

  • Play r Captain`s draft? Yawn.
  • Play r Captain`s draft.

Captain`s Mode

  • Play r Tryhard meganerd mode.
  • Play r Captain`s mode.


  • Play r Deathmatch? Tell me this isn`t literally a deathmatch.
  • Play r Deathmatch!

Easy Mode

  • Play u Easy mode! My favorite mode!

Least Played

  • Play r Least played!
  • Play r Least played mode.
  • Play r Least played mode.

Mid Only

  • Play r All mid!
  • Play r All mid.
  • Play r All mid!
  • Play u All mid. Pudge wars!

Random Draft

  • Play r Random draft? Why didn`t anyone tell me? Oh god.
  • Play r Random draft.

Reverse Captain`s Mode

  • Play r Reverse captain`s mode.
  • Play r Activate reverse captain`s mode.
  • Play r Sniatpac mode!

Single Draft

  • Play r Single draft? In this modern age how is such cruelty permitted to exist?
  • Play r Single draft.

Other Modes
Limited Heroes, One vs One and other possible future game modes

  • Play r Pick your hero!



  • Play Your turn to pick.
  • Play Enemy team`s turn to pick!
  • Play Radiant team pick.
  • Play Dire team pick!


  • Play Ban a thing!
  • Play Your turn to ban.
  • Play Ban someone please!
  • Play Soon they will ban.
  • Play They`re gonna ban someone.
  • Play Enemy`s turn to ban.
  • Play Your opponents are banning.
  • Play Radiant team ban.
  • Play The green team`s banning someone now.
  • Play Dire team ban.
  • Play Bad dudes banning someone now.

1% chance

  • Play Ban a dude. Ban Dark Seer, he`s terrifying!

Time left to pick

  • Play u 10 Seconds idiot.
  • Play 5 seconds remaining.
  • Play Reserve time.
  • Play u You are using reserve time.
  • Play u Extra time.
  • Play u You are using extra time.

3% chance

  • Play Reserve time. It`s not free, you know.

Draft end

  • Play u Our team is complete.
  • Play u Your team is complete.
  • Play u Radiant`s team is complete.
  • Play u Dire`s team is complete.
  • Play Well done, whoever did that. Let`s just play Dota 2 now, geez. followup
  • Play Pick your hero!
  • Play You may now select your hero.

Picking specific heroes

30% chance

  • Play Ancient Apparition r Man, once people start calling you ancient, you know it`s over.
  • Play Ancient Apparition r So Ancient Apparition is an apparition of an ancient apparition?
  • Play Alchemist r Two men enter, one man leaves.
  • Play Anti-Mage r Anti-fun!
  • Play Anti-Mage r Hands up if you hate Anti-Mage!
  • Play Axe r He hits you so hard you turn into a number!
  • Play Bane r This dude is bloody terrifying.
  • Play Batrider r Heh he he he fire! He he he!
  • Play Beastmaster r He`s master of beasts and who does he get to help him? A bird and a pig. Whop-e-do!
  • Play Bloodseeker r Can he even see with that thing on?
  • Play Brewmaster r I hope he`s got some cider on him.
  • Play Brewmaster r I reckon, and I`m going out on a limb here, but I reckon that this lad likes a drink.
  • Play Broodmother r Ahh! Bloody hell! Get a massive newspaper!
  • Play Invoker r Buttons buttons buttons!
  • Play Centaur Warrunner r The charge of the extremely heavy brigade.
  • Play Centaur Warrunner r Part man, part centaur.
  • Play Dark Seer r Long lost cousin of the coneheads.
  • Play Dark Seer r He`s like a really bloody unpleasant hedgehog.
  • Play Dark Seer r Ahh! It`s Dark Seer! Ahh!
  • Play Disruptor r Disruptor? I hardly knew her!
  • Play Disruptor r He`s got a lizard, a huge beard, and he can harness electricity! He`s the man!
  • Play Doom r Doommmmmm!
  • Play Doom r Doom!
  • Play Doom r Doom!
  • Play Doom r Hail Doombringer.
  • Play Dragon Knight r He`s a dragon, a knight, and in his spare time he likes to bake.
  • Play Drow Ranger r The words Drow and Ranger together is like a nerd magnet.
  • Play Earthshaker r He`s a big old lovable sloth bear thing.
  • Play Enigma r He`s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, boxed up and shoved in a crate and stored in a giant warehouse.
  • Play Gyrocopter r It`s gyro, not geero. He`s not a flying bloody kebab.
  • Play Gyrocopter r One of the few truly mustachioed heroes in the game.
  • Play Huskar r Huskar used to be called Buskar, but people don`t give you spare change when you stab them in the neck with a flaming spear.
  • Play Jakiro