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The minimap is a HUD Play “Singing trio.” It has been suggested that this article or section be split into multiple new articles. Reason given: The shop should get its own page Discussion to support or oppose the split should be dota2 element that represents the game map Overhead view of the game map as of version 7.06. See the in-game map. For locations in Dota 2 lore, see World Map. The Map is the playing field for all Dota dota2 on a smaller scale. It displays in real time the location and status of buildings Buildings are special units that are immune to most spells, use structure armor, and are immobile. Destroying a building rewards you with a bounty, similar to most creeps or heroes. Destroying towers rewards the entire dota2 , heroes   Main   Mechanics   Attributes Table   Release Dates   Grid Layout     Heroes are the essential element of Dota 2, as the course of the match is dependent on their intervention. During dota2 , creeps Creeps are basic units in Dota 2. Every unit which is not a hero, building, ward or courier is considered a creep. Creeps can belong to either faction, be neutral, or be player-controlled units. Unlike dota2 , couriers Couriers may refer to: Animal Courier Flying Courier Custom Courier Play “One divided against its Self cannot stand.” This disambiguation page lists articles with a similar title or acronym. If an internal link led you here, and wards This page is about in-game units. For cosmetic pets, see Summoned Unit. Summons are a type of units that are created with spells. Players do not encounter them, unless they play as, with or against dota2 . The minimap is subject to team vision Vision changes around while the hero moves. Vision describes what a unit can and cannot see from its current location and state. Places a unit cannot see are filled with the Fog of War, a dota2 , with unseen areas covered by the fog of war. Certain events In-game Events are held annually, and for one-time promotional purposes. Events often come with special game modes, as well as limited trophies, cosmetic items and more. Contents 1 Annual Events 1.1 Diretide 1.2 Frostivus 1.3 dota2 and Terrain Terrain items modify the in-game map s graphical landscape, including textures, trees, critters, minimaps, and more. It does not alter the map layout in any way. The appearance of the middle river can be altered with dota2 items can alter the appearance of the minimap.


These settings can be changed in the game options.





These three extra icons were meant for Brewmaster when using Primal Split, but they are currently unused.


Custom Icons

Some cosmetic items will alter a hero`s minimap icon. Click on an icon to view the corresponding item.



The black background is shown for contrast, and is not part of the icons.

Shop Icon
Main Shop
Side Lane Shop
Secret Shop


Courier Radiant Dire
Animal Courier
Flying Courier


Friendly wards are colored green (blue in colorblind mode), and enemy wards are colored red. When spectating, Radiant wards are green/blue, and Dire wards are red.

Ward Icon
Observer Ward
Sentry Ward


Bounty Runes are always shown when available, while other runes are only shown when having vision on them.

Rune Icon
Double Damage


Element Icon
Attack Building
Defend Building
Eyes In The Forest


Event Element Icon
Frostivus 2012 Greevil Hero
Thyg the Giftsnatch
Diretide Pumpkin Bucket
New Bloom Festival Year Beast


See more: Scan

Players can use the Scan ability on the right of the minimap UI to detect any enemy heroes in an area.

The Scan button is located on the right of the minimap


See more: Controls
  • Right clicking anywhere on the minimap will command the hero to move to that location. Be that as it may, there is a delay of 0.2 seconds, where clicks will not be registered. This is to prevent missclicks.
  • Ground-target abilities, such as Wrath of Nature, can be cast by clicking on the minimap.
  • Clicking on the minimap while using Town Portal Scroll or Boots of Travel will teleport the hero to the specified location`s nearest allied building.


  • Alt + Left Clicking on the minimap will alert your team about a location by Play playing a sound and showing an exclamation mark on their minimap.
    • Clicking Buildings will play a different sound, and generally mean a Play defense/Play attack of the building is desired.
  • Ctrl + Alt Left Clicking on the minimap will alert your team by Play playing a different sound and showing an X on their mini-map, generally indicating danger.


Holding down both Ctrl and the left mouse button while moving your cursor over the minimap will draw lines on the minimap. These lines can be seen by all allied players, and their color corresponds to the color of the player. Lines will fade after a few seconds.

Console Commands

There are several console commands that can be used to modify the minimap in various ways to match an individual player`s preferences. Some of the commonly used ones are shown below.

Command Default Help Text
dota_hud_extra_large_minimap 0 0 Use extra large minimap.
dota_minimap_hero_size 600 Changes the hero minimap icon size.
dota_minimap_misclick_time 0.2 Minimum time after the mouse enters the minimap before accepting a move command. Can be increased slightly to prevent accidental misclicks.
dota_minimap_ping_duration 3 Adjust how long pings are displayed on the minimap.
dota_minimap_disable_rightclick 0 Disables right clicks on the minimap.



Top Bar

Elements of the top bar from left to right:

  • Dashboard toggle
  • Settings
  • Scoreboard
  • Hero Portraits
  • Kill Counter
  • Game Clock
  • K/D/A & LH/D

Dashboard Toggle

The leftmost icon on the top bar is the Dashboard toggle. The icon is an arrow pointing upward. When clicked and taken to the Dashboard, the icon becomes an downward arrow. Clicking the downward arrow takes you back to the game screen.


The icon is a gear shape. Brings up the settings menu. See page for more information.


The Scoreboard shows a wealth of information. It lists all players of both teams, all heroes, every hero`s current level, total number of kills per team, current ally gold, the mute button to disable/enable player communication, Kills/Deaths/Assists, and Ultimate status.

Ultimate status is a colored diamond. The colors are:

  • Blank = Not yet leveled
  • Black = On cooldown
  • Blue = Not enough mana
  • Green = Ready

These are also available underneath hero portraits.

At the bottom of the scoreboard there is access to several features:

  • Combat Log
Shows detailed information about when an action occurred and who dealt/received the effect.
  • Shared Content
Lets you select any player`s cosmetics and use them. The type of cosmetics are limited to Announcers, Mega Kill Announcers, and HUD Skins.
  • Shared Unit Control Options
Allow allies to control your hero, units, or disable them from casting certain abilities on you entirely by checking the desired boxes.
  • Show Items
Expands the Scoreboard to view your team mates` items.

Hero Portraits

Each team`s heroes are shown along the central area of the top bar. Radiant heroes are to the left of the Game Clock, and Dire heroes to the right. The ultimate status diamonds also appear under the heroes on your team. When on cooldown, hovering over the status diamond will display the ultimate icon and current cooldown. When dead, the hero portrait turns grey scale. Underneath any dead hero is the respawn timer. If it has a gold outline, buyback is available for that hero. When buyback is used a sound will play and a stack of gold coins will appear where there timer was.

The player colors are shown just above each hero`s portrait.

Radiant player colors:

  • Blue
  • Aquamarine
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Dire player colors:

  • Pink
  • Olive
  • Sky Blue
  • Green
  • Brown

Kill Counter

Also displayed next to each team is a number flanking the sides of the Game Clock, which displays each team`s total kill count.

Game Clock

Located at the middle, in between each team`s Kill Counter. It displays the current game time, and whether it is currently Day or Night.

K/D/A & LH/D

The K/D/A counter and LH/D counter shows the number of Kills, Deaths, Assists, and the number of Last Hits and Denies.


The minimap.

The minimap is a useful tool showing the entire game map. While playing, areas hidden by the fog of war are darkened on the map, indicating you cannot see there. Brightened areas indicate all areas you can see, this is your allied team`s vision. By default, all your team mates appear as colored arrows on the minimap. Your icon exclusively will have a white arrow with your color in a circle at the center. The icon color is determined by player order on the team list, which is also indicated by a circle in the Scoreboard and a colored line above the hero portraits in the top bar. Enemy heroes appear as colored X shapes rather than arrows. This hides the direction the enemy is facing, requiring the player to actually check the enemy hero on the main screen to determine their exact heading. On the scoreboard, enemy heroes also have colored X shapes rather than circles.

Player controlled units that are treated as a hero by spells will have a small arrow around their colored circle or X shape like a hero does. Their color matches the controlling player`s icon color. Lesser units are simply colored dots with neither an arrow nor an X shape.

Buildings appear on the minimap as brightly colored boxes. Allied buildings are green and enemy buildings are red. When an allied building is under attack, a small red border will surround it. Towers and the Ancients appear largest, Barracks are medium sized, and Pillars are small sized.

Lane Creeps appear as small dots. Allied creeps are green and enemy creeps are red. Neutral Creeps appear as grey dots. If neutral creeps are hidden from your vision in the fog, the camp is marked with a small dark green triangle.

The tarn of Roshan has a red roshan head icon in it on the minimap. This icon is always present, even if Roshan is dead. The icon only disappears when the inside of the roshan pit is visible.

Couriers have a donkey icon on the minimap. Enemy couriers appear as a smaller white dot instead.

Wards appear on the minimap as a crescent with a dot inside. Allied wards are green and enemy wards are red.

Illusions appear as smaller transparent icons of the hero to allies. Enemy illusions look the same as the original hero`s icon.

Scan & Glyph

The scan and glyph buttons are attached to the side of the minimap interface.

Hero Control Console


The portrait is fairly simple HUD element displaying the selected unit`s upper body in detail. Left clicking on any unit displays it in the portrait window. You can use abilities by clicking on the portrait the same as when clicking on a hero normally. This is mainly useful for casting abilities on yourself rather than on enemies or allies. When selecting multiple units, multiple portraits are shown.

The small transparent icon on the bottom right with a figure in a triangle is Showcase View. Showcase View changes the camera from a fixed overhead perspective to a free angle closeup camera. While active the camera will only follow the currently selected unit and the camera itself can be tilted in any direction with a left click and dragging motion. Showcase View isn`t optimal for gameplay due to the limited area of view, but it displays the in game world with much greater detail for better graphic appreciation.

The number to the lower left is your hero level, with a circular progress bar displaying experience gained and how much is needed to reach the next level. Holding ALT shows the exact values.

When dead, a buyback button appears on the bottom half of the portrait. The buyback button displays the current amount of gold needed to buyback, and is only clickable if the amount is met. If buyback was recently used, then it will display the cooldown remaining until you can buyback again.

Merged to the right side of the portrait is a stats display which shows the currently selected unit`s statistics. The statistics are damage, armor, and movement speed.

Hovering over the Stats Panel displays more detailed information.

Under the Attack section:

  • Attack Speed
Displays the speed in seconds as well as its in game numerical value.
  • Damage
Displays damage spread and base damage + bonus damage as a separate green value.
  • Attack Range
Displays range + bonus range as a separate green value.
  • Spell Amp
Displays spell amplification + bonus amplification as a separate green value.

Under the Defense section:

  • Armor
Displays armor + bonus armor as a separate green value.
  • Physical Resist
Displays the total percentage of armor`s physical resistance.
  • Magic Resist
Displays the total percentage of magic resistance.
  • Evasion
Displays the total percentage of evasion chance.

Under the Attributes section:

  • Strength
Displays strength + bonus strength as a separate green value. It also shows strength gain per level, and how much hp and hp regen is given by strength.
  • Agility
Displays agility + bonus agility as a separate green value. It also shows agility gain per level, and how much armor and attack speed is given by agility.
  • Intelligence
Displays intelligence + bonus intelligence as a separate green value. It also shows intelligence gain per level, and how much mana, mana regen, and spell amp is given by intelligence.

The hero`s primary attribute is highlighted and the damage given from it is also displayed.

Abilities & Resources

This section shows your abilities. They are clickable buttons and display information such as mana costs and cooldowns. When a hero levels up, a golden level up button appears above abilities that may be upgraded.

The tree icon on the left displays your hero`s talent tree and details which ones you have chosen. Basic abilities are listed in icons following that, and the ultimate ability is the final icon furthest to the right. In the top left corner of each ability icon is its assigned hotkey. On the bottom right of each icon is its mana cost. Below the icons are groups of squares. The amount of squares filled indicate that ability`s current level. Filled squares are yellow and empty squares are black. Hovering over each ability displays further information about it in a tooltip: Name, level, targeting type, unit type it affects, damage type, spell immunity piercing status, dispellability, dispel type, description, output amounts, resource costs, and lore. For in-progress abilities, the next available upgrade level is shown at the bottom. For some abilities, holding alt while viewing the tooltip will display advanced information about it in green text.

Directly underneath abilities, the resources of Health and Mana are displayed. Allied health bars are green, enemy health bars are red, and neutral health bars are yellow. Mana bars are always blue. The number of how many points are remaining is displayed in the center of each bar in current/total format. Along the right most side of the bar, the current amount of regeneration per second is displayed.

Status Bar

The status bar floats along the top of the ability panel. It displays all current buffs and debuffs affecting the selected unit. Positive buffs are green and to the right, while negative debuffs are red and to the left. The circles also display a timer if there is a duration for the status effect.

Inventory & Backpack

The Inventory is where a hero`s items are held. The inventory consists of 6 slots. In the top right of each slot is the item`s currently assigned hotkey. On the bottom right of each icon is its mana cost.

There are 3 backpack slots underneath the inventory. This is for additional storage as any items placed in the backpack are inactive.

Gold & Courier Interface

To the right of the inventory is your current Gold amount. Hovering over it displays more information in a tooltip: Reliable Gold, Unreliable Gold, buyback ready status, and buyback amount. Clicking on your gold opens the Shop menu.

Above the gold button is the quick buy area. Shift clicking or dragging an item into the quick buy area shows all of its component parts. Parts which can be currently purchased have a yellow border, and parts that currently cannot be purchased have no border. Parts which can be purchased but are out of shop range have a red border. To the upper right corner is the Sticky Item, which is a Teleport Scroll by default. It is just a convenient way to buy Teleport Scrolls without opening the shop.

If the player has items stored at base, their stash is shown above the quick buy area. The owner`s stash can have items put in or taken out of it when they are at home base.

To the right of the gold/shop button is the Courier Interface. It displays options to buy and upgrade a courier, and an arrow to call the courier to deliver items. Right clicking the arrow can quickly make the courier visit the home shop or secret shop, and also has the option to make the courier return to its previous delivery if it was interrupted.