Forced Movement


Forced Movement is a status effect that changes a unit`s position. This movement is completely unrelated to the unit`s movement speed DPS multiplier when chasing Minimum (pursuer MS / target MS) Ratio for Maximum Chase DPS Movement speed (sometimes abbreviated as move speed or MS) is the speed at which a unit can move. Movement speed dota2 and works on them while disabled. Most spells with forced movement prevent the affected unit from acting during, but some allow the unit to still attack, turn and cast spells and items.

In general, almost all forced movement effects override each other. The later applied one nullifies the previous ones. Although there are a few exceptions.

Forced movements are also bound to the buff or debuff the spells place, so if the buff or debuff is dispellable, doing so also stops the forced movement.

Fully disabling forced movement

These spells fully disable units while moving them.


Non-disabling forced movement

These spells do not fully disable units while moving them. Some do not disable at all, while some disable only partially.

Upward movement

Several spells move a unit upwards, changing their Z position. Changes to a unit`s Z position affect several things such as the travel time of projectiles, as they always fly towards the center of the unit and the unit`s ability to block pathing of other units, as a unit can only block another unit when they are on roughly the same Z position.

Be that as it may, it does not affect any abilities which affect or search units inside an area. A unit thrown in the air by a Torrent is still fully affected by other area spells like Impale. Attacks of any unit also do not consider the height of the attack target. Although the attack projectiles have to travel for longer in order to reach the target, a unit with 600 range can still start attack on an airborn unit from 600 range away, ignoring its height.

Sources of upward movement

This section only lists sources of spells which move units upwards. Details can be found in the lists above.