Denying is the act of preventing enemy heroes from getting the last hit on a friendly unit by last hitting the unit oneself. Enemies earn reduced experience   Main   Changelogs     “ Play I grow stronger! Click to listen— Storm Spirit ” Experience allows heroes to level up, which makes them stronger and allows them to learn new abilities. Experience is earned dota2 if the denied unit is not controlled by a player, and no experience if it is a player controlled unit. Enemies gain no gold “ Play Now that s how you make gold. Click to listen— Alchemist ” Gold is the currency used to buy items or instantly revive your hero. Gold can be earned from killing heroes, creeps, or buildings. Contents dota2 from any denied unit. All allied units can be denied once they fall below a certain percentage of health: creeps, and non-hero units at 50%, heroes at 25%, and towers at 10%. Be that as it may, heroes can only be denied under special circumstances. Illusions Default buff iconPlay Spawn soundPlay Death sound “ Play A legion sprouts from one! Click to listen— Phantom Lancer ” Illusions (also commonly called illus) are imperfect, weaker copies of heroes, created by spells or items. They dota2 and couriers Couriers may refer to: Animal Courier Flying Courier Custom Courier Play “One divided against its Self cannot stand.” This disambiguation page lists articles with a similar title or acronym. If an internal link led you here, cannot be denied.

To deny a unit, an attack command has to be ordered on the unit. Unless the "Right-Click to Force Attack" option is enabled, right-clicking the unit does not work, since right-clicking allies gives a move order, not an attack order.

A unit is also considered denied if a neutral creep Neutral creeps are a type of creep not controlled by any player. They are aligned to neither of the teams, and offer an alternative source of gold and experience. Neutral creeps appear in small camps dota2 (e.g. Roshan For Roshan as he appears in holiday events, see Roshan (Diretide 2012) and Roshan (Diretide 2013) Roshan Ancient Jungle Creep Level 30 Health 5500 Health regeneration 20 Armor 15 Magic resistance 55% Attack damage 65 dota2 ) deals the finishing blow.

Denying units

Besides couriers, every non-hero unit can be denied, including creep-heroes. They can be denied once their health falls below 50%. Denying an allied, non-player-controlled unit (lane creeps which are not taken over by players) grants 70% of its experience bounty to enemies within the 1300 experience range, instead of 100%. Denying a player-controlled unit grants 0% experience to the enemy.

Especially in the laning phase, denying allied lane creeps is important to create a gold and experience advantage. It can lead to having a level advantage over the enemy, opening up a chance to get a kill on them. Gold-wise, it cripples the enemy`s farming, slowing them down significantly, if they depend on farming gold. Creeps should be denied whenever possible, although getting last hits should be prioritised. Denying creeps is also important to shift the creep equilibrium towards closer to the own tower and away from the enemy tower.

Player-controlled units can be denied as well, but unlike lane creeps, most summons expire after a while, so that their bounties can be "denied" in other ways than killing them manually with attacking. For many small summons, this does not make much of a difference, but can still be done when possible. Especially when having multiple units, they can be used to deny each other. Bigger summons, like Warlock`s Golem Warlock s Golem Ancient Creep-Hero Level 1 Duration 60 Health 1000/1500/2000 ( 750/1125/1500) Health regeneration 25/50/75 Armor 6/9/12 ( 21/24/27) Magic resistance 33% Attack damage 75/100/125 ( 56/75/94) Acquisition range 500 Attack range 225 Base attack dota2 and Spirit Bear Spirit Bear Creep-Hero Level 7 Duration Permanent Health 1400/1800/2300/2700 Health regeneration 2/3/4/5 Mana 300 Mana regeneration 0.5 Armor 3/4/5/6 ( 15/16/17/18) Magic resistance 0% ( 50%) Attack damage 35/45/55/65 ( 85/95/105/115) Acquisition range 500 Attack dota2 , should always be attempted to deny, since they usually have significant gold and experience bounties. Denying these units is an excellent way to prevent giving the enemy free gold and experience when the unit is unlikely to survive.


Denying towers

Towers Buildings are special units that are immune to most spells, use structure armor, and are immobile. Destroying a building rewards you with a bounty, similar to most creeps or heroes. Destroying towers rewards the entire dota2 may only be denied once they drop to 10% health and below, and doing so significantly reduces the global gold reward the enemy team gains from the tower`s destruction. The difference between the standard tower bounty and a denied tower`s bounty is as follows:

Tier Standard Bounty Denied Bounty
1 120 Gold symbol.png 60 Gold symbol.png
2 200 Gold symbol.png 100 Gold symbol.png
3 200 Gold symbol.png 100 Gold symbol.png
4 200 Gold symbol.png 100 Gold symbol.png

Denying a tower also prevents an enemy player from receiving the 150-250 bonus gold for the last-hit.

Denying heroes

Heroes   Main   Mechanics   Attributes Table   Release Dates   Grid Layout     Heroes are the essential element of Dota 2, as the course of the match is dependent on their intervention. During dota2 can also be denied under specific circumstances. A denied hero prevents the enemy from gaining any experience or gold from the kill, but still loses gold upon death.

A hero under 25% health and under the effects of certain spells can be denied by an allied hero. The spells that allow denying allied heroes are:

During Supernova, Phoenix   Hero   Strategy   Counters   Equipment   Gear   Responses   Sounds   Lore   Old Abilities   Changelogs     Phoenix 19 + 3.2 12 + 1.3 18 + 1.8 Level Base dota2 may be denied in a similar fashion if the sun is below 50% health.

It is possible to deny oneself (commit suicide) in a variety of ways:

It is also possible to deny allied heroes with some abilities:

Special cases and exceptions

  • Though usually making the last hit on an allied unit counts as a deny, it does not count as one when that ally is under the effect of Winter`s Curse or Reaper`s Scythe. In this case, the kill is credited to the caster of said ability.
  • When an ally is affected by Ice Blast, bringing the ally`s health below the shatter threshold results in a deny. The shatter credits the kill to whoever brought the hero below the threshold, even when it was an ally. The exception to this is self-inflicted damage. If the affected hero brought their life below the threshold by themself, then the shatter credits Ancient Apparition the kill.

Version history

  • Denied creeps now give less experience (50% experience, instead of a constant 36 XP per unit).
  • Tower bounty gold for destroying Tier 1/2/3/4 reduced from 264/312/358/405 to 160/200/240/280 (denied is 50%).
  • Ranged heroes now get the same denied experience as melee heroes (instead of less).
  • Deny XP and Bonus XP/gold AoE is now the same as regular XP AoE (1000->1200).
  • You have to be below 25% health for an ally to be able to start denying you (assuming you can be denied of course).
  • Melee heroes get denied less XP than range heroes do.
  • Lowered the recent XP deny change a little.
  • Denied units now give off minor experience instead of none (planned for improved league play from a while back, unrelated to the recent forum postings for those wondering).



  • Experience range is 1300. All opposing heroes in that area gain experience from the kill. The experience is divided equally among them.
  • Heroes that are in a 1300 range of a dying enemy hero will be granted an amount of experience, depending on the number of allied heroes in range.
  • Any hero kill done outside of this 1300 area grants experience to the killer.
  • Kills made by units under a hero`s control are counted as being made by the hero.
  • Heroes continue to take a portion of experience even when they reach level 25.
  • Denying an allied unit does not grant you experience.
  • When a neutral creep is killed their experience is shared with all heroes from both teams within range.
  • If ownership of a unit changes due to conversion, and it has a ranged projectile mid-flight, the projectile can potentially deal lethal damage to its owner, resulting in a deny.


A hero levels up by acquiring experience points from enemies (including Creeps, Towers, and summoned units) that die nearby. Experience is very important as it grants levels to the hero which in turn are used to acquire powerful spells, abilities and talents, and increase the hero`s stats. The maximum level is 25.


Anti-Mage denying an allied creep.

Whenever a hero kills an ally it counts as a deny. When a deny is performed an exclamation mark appears over the denied unit. A denied unit gives reduced experience and no gold to the enemy.

Lane Creeps

Heroes can only target allied creeps if they are at 50% health or lower. A denied creep gives 50% of its experience bounty to the enemy.

Neutral Creeps

Any unit killed by a Neutral Creep is denied. Lane Creeps killed by neutrals give 50% experience. Heroes killed by neutrals give 0% experience.


Denied summons grant no experience or gold. Summons that die by timing out or due to summoning new ones also do not grant experience or gold.


Denied heroes grant no experience or gold.

Heroes can only be denied if they are at 25% health or lower and under the effect of one of the following skills:

  • Venomancer`s Venomous Gale
  • Queen of Pain`s Shadow Strike
  • Doom`s Doom

At 50% health or lower:

  • Phoenix`s Supernova

Additionally some skills and items allow heroes to damage themselves or allies. Dying in this way is also considered a deny.

  • Abaddon`s Mist Coil
  • Alchemist`s Unstable Concoction
  • Bane`s Nightmare
  • Pudge`s Rot
  • Pugna`s Life Drain
  • Techies` Blast Off!
  • Bloodstone`s Pocket Deny

Experience Formula

The experience bounty from a hero kill depends on the killed hero`s level and the difference in total team experience.

L = Killed Hero`s Level
HeroXP = Total XP of the Killed hero
ETXP = Enemy team`s total XP
TXP = Your team`s total XP
XPDiff = (ETXP - TXP) / (ETXP + TXP) (minimum 0)
XPF = XPDiff ⃗ HeroXP
E = Extra hero kill experience, listed in the table below as Hero Experience

  • 1 Hero: 18 ⃗ L + 0.1242 ⃗ XPF + E
  • 2 Heroes: 13.5 ⃗ L + 0.1242 ⃗ XPF + E/2
  • 3 Heroes: 9 ⃗ L + 0.108 ⃗ XPF + E/3
  • 4 Heroes: 6.3 ⃗ L + 0.081 ⃗ XPF + E/4
  • 5 Heroes: 4.5 ⃗ L + 0.0648 ⃗ XPF + E/5

Hero Experience Table

The table below shows experience required for heroes to be at a certain level, as well as experience gained from killing heroes and units.

Explanation of each of the columns:

  • Level: The level of the hero.
  • Experience Required: The amount of experience that a hero at the prior level with 0 experience must accumulate to achieve this level.
  • Cumulative Experience: The minimum total experience a hero must accumulate during a game to be at the indicated level.
  • Hero Kill Experience: The base amount of experience given by killing a hero, it is split among all allied heroes of the killing unit within 1300 range. This value does not include the bonus experience that hero kills also give.
  • Unit Kill Experience: The base amount of experience given by killing a unit, it is split among all allied heroes of the killing unit within 1300 range. This value is 50% less if the killed unit counts as a summoned unit.
Hero Experience Table
Level Experience Required Cumulative Experience Hero Kill Experience Unit Kill Experience
1 0 0 100 25
2 240 240 120 41
3 360 600 140 62
4 480 1080 160 88
5 600 1680 180 119
6 620 2300 200 155
7 640 2940 220 196
8 660 3600 330 242
9 680 4280 440 293
10 800 5080 550 349
11 820 5900 660 410
12 840 6740 770 476
13 900 7640 880 547
14 1225 8865 990 623
15 1250 10115 1100 704
16 1275 11390 1210 790
17 1300 12390 1320 881
18 1325 14015 1430 977
19 1400 15415 1540 1078
20 1490 16905 1650 1184
21 1600 18505 1760 1295
22 1900 20405 1870 1411
23 2200 22605 1980 1532
24 2500 25105 2090 1658
25 2695 27800 2200 1789

XP Gain Talent Effectiveness

Some Heroes have Level 10 or Level 15 Talents that increase the amount of experience gained. The following tables show how much less experience is required to get to a certain level by taking that talent.

Level 10 Talent
20% 25% 30% 35%
15 856 1027 1185 1331
18 1506 1807 2085 2342
20 1988 2385 2752 3092
25 3803 4564 5266 5916
Level 15 Talent
20% 25% 30% 35%
18 650 780 900 1011
20 1132 1358 1567 1760
25 2948 3537 4081 4585

This table shows how many levels worth of XP the talents gains at level 25 EG. 30% talent @ level 15 earns 4081 experience, which is level 25 with level 23.45 worth of experience. Therefore, it gains 1.55 levels.

Levels Gained at Level 25
% Talent
@ Level
20% @ 10 1.44
25% @ 10 1.75
30% @ 10 2.03
35% @ 10 2.33
20% @ 15 1.10
25% @ 15 1.34
30% @ 15 1.55
35% @ 15 1.76

Version History

Patch Version Balance Changes
  • XP Required to go from level 1 to level 6 increased by 15%, 300 XP total
  • XP Required to go from level 9 to 13 redistributed from 700/720/740/1200 to 800/820/840/900
  • AoE hero kill Gold and XP bounties reduced by 10% (including comeback gold and XP)
  • XP Requirement to go from level 6 to 12 increased by 140 (615/630/645/660/675/775 to 640/660/680/700/720/740)
  • XP Requirement to go from level 12 to 20 increased by 140 (1175/1200/1225/1250/1275/1375/1400/1425 to 1200/1225/1250/1275/1300/1325/1400/1490)
  • XP Requirement to go from level 24 to 25 reduced by 280 (same overall XP required to reach level 25)
  • XP required to level past 7 reduced (level 25 cost equal to previous level 23)
  • Lane Creeps now give 50% of experience when denied by neutrals rather than 35%
  • XP from hero kills slightly reduced
  • Talents added to game. Some increase XP gain
  • Lane Creeps now give 35% of experience when denied by neutrals rather than 20% (normal player denies give 50% experience)
  • Lane Creeps now give 20% of XP when denied by neutrals rather than 0%
  • Experience required to get to level 8 and 9 rescaled from 600/1200 to 800/1000
  • Ancient neutrals now behave like normal neutrals and split experience with all heroes in the AoE
  • The fixed portion of the XP Hero Bounty for first 5 levels is reduced from 100/120/160/220/300 to 100/120/140/160/180 (then continues +100 per level as usual)
  • AoE Bonus XP component based on Team XP difference reduced by 40%
  • Hero kills achieved by units under your control now provide XP credit to your hero (Affects things like Spirit Bear, Golems, Familiars, etc getting kills)
  • AoE XP XPFactor reduced from 0.3/0.3/0.2/0.15/0.12 to 0.23/0.23/0.2/0.15/0.12
  • Reduced AoE XP bonus factor for 1/2/3/4/5 hero kills from 0.5/0.35/0.25/0.2/0.15 to 0.3/0.3/0.2/0.15/0.12
  • Adjusted bonus area of effect Gold and XP
  • Denied creeps now give less experience
50% experience, instead of a constant 36 per unit
  • Reworked the bonus area of effect XP