Damage Block


Damage Block is a passive ability that gives the wielding unit a chance to block some physical damage from an attack.


Relationship Between Effective @@@#@@@HP(hp.com)###@### % and blocked damage⃂%
Average blocked damage⃂%
Average damage block defense value

Damage Block has a chance to proc from attack damage, but not physical damage from abilities (except for Moon Glaive, The Swarm, and physical damage reflected by Blade Mail   Item   Old Abilities   Changelogs     Blade MailBL A razor-sharp coat of mail, it is the choice of selfless martyrs in combat. Cost2200 Bought FromArmor Active Damage Return Bonus +10 Intelligence+6 Armor+22 dota2 or Dispersion). Only the attack damage from wards ( Death Ward, Mass Serpent Ward, Plague Ward) is not reduced by Damage Block. Unlike armor Armor is an attribute shared by all units. Armor is used to determine the amount of damage reduction (or amplification if an armor value is negative) a unit takes from physical damage sources. Higher armor dota2 , Damage Block only reduces a set amount of damage, making it less useful over time.

Damage Block occurs as first step of incoming damage manipulation. See Final Attack Damage for the complete calculation.

All items that use Damage Block mechanics use pseudo-random distribution.

Most Damage Block items block different amounts depending on whether the user is melee or ranged. Poor Man`s Shield   Item   Changelogs     Poor Man s ShieldB A busted old shield that seems to block more than it should. Cost500 Bought FromCommon Passive Damage Block Bonus +6 Agility Disassemble? No Alert allies? No dota2 also has a reduced chance to proc from non-hero damage.



Only one instance of Damage Block can proc at a time. When multiple sources of Damage Block are present, the source with the highest blocked damage is checked first, and only if it does not proc any others roll. In other words, when two sources of Damage Block have the same chance to proc, the one that blocks more damage takes priority. While the amount of damage blocked from multiple Damage Block sources does not stack, the proc chance stacks multiplicatively. For instance, when having two Stout Shield   Item   Changelogs     Stout ShieldBL One man s wine barrel bottom is another man s shield. Cost200 Bought FromArmaments Passive Damage Block Disassemble? No Alert allies? No Recipe The Stout Shield is an item dota2 s, the chance of blocking damage becomes 50% + 50% * 0.5, effectively having a 75% chance to block 16/8 damage.

Sources of Damage Block

Version history

  • Damage Block no longer affects physical spells.
    • The following abilities no longer have their damage reduced by Damage Block:
    Counter Helix, Eye of the Storm, Anchor Smash, Slithereen Crush, Unstable Concoction, Shadow Wave, Entangling Claws, Return, Echo Stomp, Land Mines and Suicide Squad, Attack!.
    • The following are abilities that were previously getting reduced twice as part of the attack instead of just once:
    Shadow Walk, Vendetta and Meld.
    • As an example reference, here are some of the abilities that were already ignored by Damage Block before:
    Wild Axes, Exorcism, Acid Spray, Poison Touch, Diabolic Edict and Quill Spray.

Damage Block

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Block Chance Damage Block
Tidehunter Kraken Shell 100% 12 / 24 / 36 / 48
Item Abilities
Item Ability Block Chance Damage Block
Stout Shield Damage Block 50% 16 (Melee user)
8 (Ranged user)
Poor Man`s Shield Damage Block 100% vs hero
50% vs non-hero
20 (Melee user)
10 (Ranged user)
Vanguard Damage Block 50% 70 (Melee user)
35 (Ranged user)
Crimson Guard Damage Block 50% 70 (Melee user)
35 (Ranged user)
Guard 100% 60
Abyssal Blade Damage Block 50% 70 (Melee user)
35 (Ranged user)

Magic Block

Magic block occurs before reductions from other sources such as Magic Resistance, Magic Shields, and Damage Absorption.
Hero Abilities
Item Ability Magic Block
Infused Raindrop Infuse 120