Blink Abilities

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Distance
Anti-Mage Blink 925 / 1000 / 1075 / 1150
Queen of Pain Blink 1300
Unit Abilities
Unit Ability Distance
Spirit Bear Return Global toward Lone Druid
Item Abilities
Item Ability Distance
Blink Dagger Blink 1200

Leap Abilities

Leap abilities are similar, but are not instant and have a travel time. These are not blocked by roots.

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Chaos Knight Reality Rift
Earth Spirit Rolling Boulder
Ember Spirit Activate Fire Remnant
Faceless Void Time Walk
Huskar Life Break
Io Tether
Magnus Skewer
Mirana Leap
Morphling Waveform
Phantom Assassin Phantom Strike
Phoenix Icarus Dive
Puck Ethereal Jaunt
Riki Blink Strike
Sand King Burrowstrike
Slark Pounce
Spirit Breaker Charge of Darkness
Storm Spirit Ball Lightning
Timbersaw Timber Chain
Tusk Snowball
Vengeful Spirit Nether Swap

Jump Abilities

A jump instantly transports the user from unit to unit at specific intervals. The user is invulnerable while jumping.
Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Ember Spirit Sleight of Fist
Juggernaut Omnislash