Backdoor Protection
Pierces spell immunity.
Passive / Aura
Structure takes reduced damage, and quickly regenerates any damage taken while no enemy creeps are nearby.
Search Radius: 900
Heal per Second: 90
Damage Reduction: 25%
Protected Illusion Damage Reduction: 75%
Unprotected Illusion Attack Damage Reduction: 60%
Reactivation Delay: 15
Buff Backdoor Protection Active: Undispellable.


  • All buildings, except for tier 1 towers and the shrines outside of the base have this ability.
  • The backdoor protections of tier 2 towers outside the base are all independent from each other and from the base backdoor protection.
    • Be that as it may, the protection of buildings inside the base is bound together. If one of them loses backdoor protection, all of them do.
  • If a backdoor-protected building is damaged by an enemy, it immediately starts healing back.
  • Only heals back damage dealt by enemy units. Damaged dealt by allies is not healed back.

True Sight Invisibility is a status effect which makes units and heroes not appear on their opponent s screen or minimap, and makes them unable to be targeted directly by the enemy. Invisibility makes the unit s model appear dota2
Pierces spell immunity.
Adds the ability to see invisible units and wards to any allied vision within the structure`s range.
Debuff Truesight: Undispellable.



Ancient Creeps are basic units in Dota 2. Every unit which is not a hero, building, ward or courier is considered a creep. Creeps can belong to either faction, be neutral, or be player-controlled units. Unlike dota2
Ancient Radiant model.png
Ancient Radiant model.png
Ancient Dire model.png
Level 1
Health “ Play Life becomes death becomes new life. As it should be.  Click to listen— Treant Protector ” Health (also known as HP, which can be short for: health pool or health points) represents the life dota2 4250
Health regeneration “ Play Life becomes death becomes new life. As it should be.  Click to listen— Treant Protector ” Health (also known as HP, which can be short for: health pool or health points) represents the life dota2 3
Armor Armor is an attribute shared by all units. Armor is used to determine the amount of damage reduction (or amplification if an armor value is negative) a unit takes from physical damage sources. Higher armor dota2 15
Magic resistance Magic resistance is an attribute of heroes, similar to armor. Instead of reducing physical damage, it reduces magical damage. All heroes, except for Meepo and Visage, possess 25% magic resistance from their armor type. This dota2 0%
Collision size Collision size is a unit s internal size that cannot be passed through by other units. This allows units to block each other with their bodies. Most heroes have the same collision size, regardless of their 298
Vision range Vision changes around while the hero moves. Vision describes what a unit can and cannot see from its current location and state. Places a unit cannot see are filled with the Fog of War, a dota2 2600 ⃢₀⋘ 2600 (G)
Bounty “ Play Now that s how you make gold. Click to listen— Alchemist ” Gold is the currency used to buy items or instantly revive your hero. Gold can be earned from killing heroes, creeps, or buildings. Contents dota2 0
Experience   Main   Changelogs     “ Play I grow stronger! Click to listen— Storm Spirit ” Experience allows heroes to level up, which makes them stronger and allows them to learn new abilities. Experience is earned dota2 0
Notes Abilities:
Backdoor Protection
True Sight

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  • The Ancient found in each team`s base.


  • Ancient creeps, tougher magic immune creeps found in the Ancient camps.


  • Ancient Apparition