Version 6.50


Version 6.50
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← 6.49c Version 6.49c(Full list) Bug fixes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.49b6.50 →  * Fixed a major exploit See also edit] Versions Patches v • d • e SystemIn-game Patches Versions Cosmetic Items (Rarity · Quality) Item drop system (Drop 6.50b → Version 6.50b(Full list) Bug fixes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.506.51 →  Fixed a bunch of bugs reported See also edit] Versions Patches v • d • e SystemIn-game Patches Versions Cosmetic Items (Rarity · Quality) Item drop system

 Hero Changes: ------------- * Removed mana cost on Mana Shield activation * Changed Leap`s cooldown to scale with levels * Improved Juggernaut`s movement speed * Implemented a better silencing mechanism in the Black Hole area to prevent spell execution regardless of cast animation time * Lowered Drow Ranger`s Agility gain per level * Changed Drow Ranger`s Marksmanship ultimate * Increased Morphling`s base damage * Macropyre`s cooldown no longer increases per level * Added an extra bounce to Chain Frost * Reduced Sprint`s damage amplification * Increased Maledict`s area of effect by 15 * Changed Spectre`s Dispersion * Redesigned Visage * Improved casting range on Acid Spray * Changed how Song of the Siren levels up * Reduced cooldown on high level Shapeshift * Improved armor on Enigma`s Eidolons * Reduced Expulsion`s cooldown and mana cost * Improved Keeper of the Light`s attack animation * Improved Scattershot`s damage range from 10-35 to 20-35 * Improved Alchemist`s base Intelligence and growth * Slightly improved Psi Blades` spill width and range * Improved Chemical Rage * Increased Phantom Lancer`s Strength gain * Increased cooldown on Psionic Trap from 7 to 14 seconds * Improved lifesteal on level 2 and 3 Insatiable Hunger * Reduced Replicate`s mana cost and cooldown * Improved Troll`s base movement speed * Decreased Rampage`s movement speed bonus and cooldown * Improved Spirit Bear`s Demolish * Increased Lightning Storm`s cooldown by 2 seconds * Reduced cooldown on level 4 Metamorphosis from 135 to 110 seconds * Reduced Lina`s movement speed by 5 * Improved Sand Storm * Reduced the slow on Epicenter * Improved range on Drow Ranger`s Trueshot Aura * Improved cooldown progression on Insatiable Hunger * Reduced Sven`s base armor * Improved Enigma`s movement speed * Modified initial projectile speed and effect on Paralyzing Casks * Improved Enfeeble * Improved Auto Fire`s area of effect and duration * Reduced Queen of Pain`s Blink range at early levels * Improved Earthshaker`s movement speed * Zombies now give a bit less bounty * Reduced Gravechill`s cooldown a bit * Increased Primal Roar`s cooldown a little bit * Eclipse`s damage is based on Lucent Beam level and doesn`t ministun * Lucent Beam ministun duration increases per level (0.6 level 4 up from a constant 0.01) * Lowered Eclipse`s mana cost and gave it constant cooldown progression * Increased Lucent Beam`s casting range and lowered mana cost slightly * Improved cast range on Expulsion and Fire Storm * Improved Ravage a little (it became slightly less effective with the Impale recodes) * Reverse Polarity`s cooldown is now the same on all levels * Changes Queen of Pain`s blink cooldown from 12/9/7/5 to 12/10/8/6 seconds * Removed true sight from Spin Web * Added some extra movement bonus on higher level Spin Web * Improved Keeper of the Light`s movement speed * Improved Storm Spirit`s base armor * Lowered Mirror Image`s cooldown slightly * Improved slow on Drunken Haze * Improved movement bonus on Witchcraft * Lowered Searing Arrows` cooldown * Improved Reaper`s Scythe`s leveling a bit * Changed Purification`s damage type to Pure * Lowered Axe`s starting Agility and increased his starting Strength * Lowered Death Coil`s cooldown * Improved Undying`s base armor * Improved Meepo`s base Strength * Rebalanced Pit of Malice * Increased AOE on Firestorm * Reduced the search area for Omnislash * Changed Bloodrage`s stats a bit * Lowered level 1 Mana Void`s mana cost * Lowered Exorcism`s damage return threshold and cooldown * Restored Bone Fletcher`s old Wind Walk speed bonus * Lowered Geminate`s attack cooldown * Slightly improved how Medusa`s Purge levels  Item Changes: ------------- * Redesigned Eul`s Scepter of Divinity * Redesigned Orchid Malevolence * Redesigned Guinsoo`s Scythe of Vyse * Added cooldown to Bottle usage and reduced its sell cost * Bottle is in full state at all the side shops once again * Changed how Dagger of Escape works. It cannot be activated if you took damage in the last 3 seconds. * Added Hyperstone to the Goblin Shop * Changed Unholy Rage`s lifesteal type to be the same as regular lifesteal * Reduced price on Ultimate Orb * Added Ring of Health to the Goblin Shop * Added Quarterstaff to the Goblin Shops * Increased Perseverance`s damage from 7 to 10 * Added Javelin to the Goblin Shops * Removed the stack restriction on Shiva`s Guard * Improved Vanguard a little * Changed Lothar`s Edge`s recipe and stats * Reduced Vladmir`s Offering recipe cost * Reduced Linken`s Sphere`s cooldown * Removed stacking restriction from Bloodstone and improved its stats * Improved Helm of the Dominator damage from 10 to 20 * Improved Oblivion Staff mana regen by 25% * Quarterstaff price reduced * Hand of Midas can now target level 6 Neutrals (Satyr Hellcaller and Dark Troll Warlord) * Reduced Void Stone`s cost by 25 gold * Improved casting range per level of Dagon upgrade * Improved Sange and Yasha * Removed Flying Courier Mana and gave it a Mana base upgrade ability * Wards now require 5 mana to be placed * Reduced animation time and cooldown on Manta Style * Ring of Health`s regeneration increased by 1  Neutral Related: ---------------- * Change some of the Scourge`s top left forest area * Changed the locations and distribution of neutral creep camp groups * Fixed neutral spawn times in various modes * Reworked the trees and pathing near the small Sentinel creep camp * Increased neutral creep Centaur`s aura by 5% * Added an Alpha Wolf with a command aura in the wolves` creep camp * Added a new creep camp group (1 Ghost with Frost Attack + 2 Fel Beasts) * Added a new ancient creep camp group (Jungle Stalkers) * Added a new creep camp group (1 Enraged Wildken with Tornado + 2 Wildkins) * Added a new creep camp group (1 Dark Troll Warlord with Raise Dead and 1.5 sec Ensnare + 2 Dark Trolls) * Changed the Furbolg`s Stomp to a Clap * Improved Satyr Hellcaller`s Unholy Aura * Neutral Ogre no longer autocast Frost Armor * Changed the location of some of the Scourge creep camps * Redid neutral creep spawner code for some optimizations  Bug Fixes: ----------- * Recoded impale based effects completely, fixing various ramp bugs, stacking issues and a lot of rare problems. (Burrowstrike, Impale (Lion), Impale (Nerubian Assassin), Ravage) * Fixed Land Mines to properly detect floating heroes * Fixed a problem with Huskar`s Burning Spears that would cause him to swing incorrectly when the enemy is moving * Fixed some bugs with Wild Axes * Fixed some color issues on the load screen (kunkka) * Couriers can no longer use Scroll of Town Portal to make buildings invulnerable * Fixed Dark Rift from initiating cooldown when cast incorrectly * Fixed a bug introduced in the recent Aghanim`s Scepter changes on Crystal Maiden * Fixed Last Word triggering off of Linken`s Sphere`s usage * Fixed Berserker Rage triggering Essence Aura * Insatiable Hunger, God`s Strength and Rampage are no longer removed by Cyclone * Fixed Javelin`s odds being slightly off * Fixed an issue with the Cheese drop from Roshan * Fixed an issue with Forest Troll High Priest`s pathing scale * Fixed some text display problems when viewing replays (thanks DonTomaso) * Fixed a very minor bug with Elder Form`s duration * Fixed Armlet of Mordiggian`s recipe cooldown * Fixed typo on Psi Blades * Fixed some creep death time discrepancies (188461) * Fixed a very minor bug with the damage mechanism on Shukuchi * Fixed a display bug with Mode Random * Fixed a possible abuse with Helm of the Dominator * Fixed Overload from using its charge when attacking an allied unit * Fixed Last Word from turning off Electric Rave  Others: ------- * Remade Invoker as promised in 6.49 * Added a new game mode -singledraft or -sd (swiss) * Improved Sentinel creep pathing on top Sentinel lane * Adjusted starting gold between all game modes like ap/xl/rd/sd to be the same (all the same as xl) and for randoms to be like ar. Gold is now give at the start and income starts with the first creep wave. * Income is now distributed in 1 gold intervals instead of in 8 gold intervals (same total gold) * Added a new experimental command -ah * Added a new system to detect replays used in -ah and other future applications (thanks PandaMine) * Changed how the secondary shops work. You can now see their location and click them while in fog. * Added new visual effect for Orchid Malevolence`s Soul Burn (JetFango) * -roll now shows the range the person entered (188889) * Added a new command -clear to clear game messages from your screen * Reduced model size and changed the look of the non-ancient Golems * Added a new command -apm to show your actions per minute * Couriers can now disassemble items (161180) * Added text descriptions for power ups (68307) * Delayed the creep spawn time by 30 seconds in -vr * Made "Helm of Iron Will" item name consistent between recipes and core, using Helm instead of Helmet. * Centered swap request notice is given to a player (182779) * Added -afk that displays how long each player has been idle for * Added a conditionally available -kickafk command to boot players that have been idle for more than 10 minutes (171984) * Necronomicon icon now changes per level (190183) * Changed durations of some power ups (Haste 45->30, Illusion 60->75, Regen 45->30) * Moon Wells now gather water during night and get drained during day. This has no gameplay impact (60920) * Added new tooltip text on items showing if they can be disassembled * Improved tooltip for observer wards to detail the stock mechanics * Added a new command -courier that toggles idle courier icon on and off (Ro-Coco) * Added a new command -swapall to request to swap for any hero (175040) * Improved Shackles caster effect * Added an additional constant (7) Mana regeneration to Fountains * Removed replenish interval from buying Clarity Potion (like tangos now) * Changed Heartstopper pure damage type to @@@#@@@HP( loss (not a nerf or a buff, just works with things like dagger in a more desirable way) * Improved Electric Rave icon (169997) * Improved Luna`s orb warning message (113338)  A lot of work has been done on developing a system for seamlessly translating DotA to other languages. Thanks to Danat for his help and support on it and to the new translators that have signed up. Once the initial language translation is complete, I will make a post to recruit people that wish to translate into other languages.  Thanks to the following beta testers for their help: 2MT, 4nTr4xX, Aoen, Akuryou, ArcheKleine, AtroCty, Beary, BeastPete, Blaow, Burning-Legions, Calf85, Capnrawr, Cascaderro, chiwhisox, Clogon, Cornerstone, Damican, DarkCloud, DarkMist, DBX_5TM, Dimitrii, Disrup3, EastyMoryan, esby, Eldorquo, EnderX, Evil-Zergling, Exetasi, Exy, Fellower_of_Odin, Firewyrm, frlolg, FzeroXx, gorzerk, Grunthor, Guvoverthere07, HunterX2, IEatDeadPeoples, Infrisios, Jmesch04, Ki-HunterKiller, kugelkind, landommullet, Loki57, LulaLula, Mago-Merlino, Malakal, McGrady, Minotaar, Moimucus, Nova, PharadoX, phssy_galore, ptdprac, PudgeIsAPirate, Quicksilva, Redial2, Rifleman00, Rigor_Mortis, Ro-Coco, Rubadub, Severas, sketch-e, Sledgehmr, Slopy, spielkind, sSerenity, StokesII, Tarano, Terrorblaze, Thermald, The_Intimidator, TimeToParty, tinfoiltank, Tinker, Tomahawk_Chop, Trozz_, Truxton, Tuwl, u-nL-ike, unHOLYdoNUTS, vigi-, Volcove, whifrA, Wretch, the_white_mage, Y0UR, Zagruss, Zarent, Zethal