Version 6.28


Version 6.28
(Full list) See game build updates. For a list of all updates, see Patches. Versions are successive Dota 2 builds that bring new content and balance changes to the game. Most major versions are
Release Date
← 6.27b Version 6.27b(Full list) Bug fixes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.276.28 →  *Vast improvements to CustomKeys.txt compatability (see link when forums return) *Fixed a Deathmatch Allrandom issue with getting more heroes than opponents *Mana Burn 6.29 → Version 6.29(Full list) Bug fixes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.286.29b →  * Added -shuffleplayers(-sp, rearranges the players) * Added -csboardon/-csboardoff to toggle a board that displays -cs stats * Some improvements to the way

 * Two new scourge heroes (Vol`Jin can use scepter) * New loading screen art * -creepstats(-cs) added for those who wish to track their creep killing/denying stats * In regular pick, you get back 175 from the 250 hero gold cost (not -lm) * Chaos Bolt reworked a bit * Static Field reworked * Fixed a range hero abuse against ancient creeps * Tweaked Chakra a bit. It gives you the same as target now (was weaker). The mana regen values and cooldowns are nerfed a bit. Mana cost tweaked. * Chaos Damage now does same as hero damage to structures, 50% instead of 100% * -moderandom(-mr) randomly picks a mode from ar/ap/tr/regular * The Circle of Power now has one inventory slot to use as a temp slot when creating items (for those who have the unfortunate luck of dealing with item stealers) * Headshot lvl4 from .25 to .2 and restored old sniper starting agi * Assassinate and Rupture now have status buff icons * Necronomicon: Decreased mana burn casting range from 500 to 250, and removed spell immunity from lvl 3. Spell reduction from 33/33/100% to 40/40/40%. Necronomicon cooldown from 70 to 90 seconds * Change attribute bonus hotkey from B to U to help fix some hotkey conflicts * Hellcaller tweaked a bit * Necronomicon summons are no longer able to attack ancients * Fixed a major abusable DM bug (Thx to Drak and others that reported it discretely) * If you cast necro and already own them on the field, the old ones get removed. (i.e. no necro refresher, adapt, grow, etc) * Necronomicon summons now give 100 gold on death (instead of 60) * Necro aura from 4/8/12 to 3/6/9 * -allagi(-aa)/-allint(-ai)/-allstr(-as) * Spirit Breaker starting str from 25 to 23. Netherstrike cooldown from 40 to 75 and casting range from 700/800/900 to 400/550/700 (he may need another nerf, but i want to take it one step at a time with him as he is easily made useless) * Mana cost increase for level 2 and 3 of Guardian Angel (125/150/200 to 125/175/250) * Sange and Yasha recipe from 900 to 1000 * Aphotic Shield range improved * Aegis removed from -dm * Fixed the LM mode to spawn the neutral creeps at the same time offset as the other modes * Abaddon starting agility from 13 to 17 * Fixed wrong player number display on circle of power * Neutral Ancients can no longer attack towers (abuse precaution) * Cleaner game end dialog and somewhat smoother exit * Fixed a bug with DMAR that allowed repicking and screwing up the hero count. * Dagon upgrades give an extra 2 int per level * Pugna`s Scepter Life Drain improved * Weaver starting str from 14 to 15 * Lina move speed from 280 to 290 * Lycan Wolf Form has proper melee attack, not missile based * Scythe changes unit to a sheep instead of a chicken, like it says. All stats still same * 8GBTeraByte base hp accidentally 50 lower due to a typo, so his base hp was increased by 50 but str reduced by 2 to keep it similar * Many typos fixed * Test of Faith mana cost from 140 to 175 * The game now says random or repicked instead of just "chosen" when a hero enters. * Fixed a bug with Bloodlust multicast where it wouldn`t pick Ogre Magi as a potential target * Smoke Screen typo * PA/SA blink strike bug where you could target yourself is fixed * Dragon Slave AOE increased slightly * Chen`s movement speed from 300 to 295 * Fixed Naix`s Poison Sting and Viper`s Poison Attack buff icons * Watchers are now spell immune * Diffusion aura from 300->350 * Radiance AOE from 400 to 550 * Desolator recipe from 1580 to 1500 * Timewalk slow reduced a bit * Fixed a bunch of learn hotkey conflicts * TDA specific game rules updated * Fixed a typo on the spirit bear`s entangle  Notes: ====  * This version was going to be released in 2 weeks but with recent abuses on morphling/necro, i decided to just releaseAnnounce it now. This doesn`t have as much new content as i had planned, be that as it may, you can expect new content to flow in at a steady rate. * Lord of Avernus will be looked into in the next few versions to make him less boring. Morphling adapt will probably get reworked in the near future as well. * Thanks to the beta testers for their help; switch and minotaar for icons; Terrorblaze for hero descriptions. Special thanks to mercurial for the new 100% hand drawn loading screen art. He worked on it for over a month. We almost couldn`t use it, we spent all of thursday evening trying to properly compress it due to blizzard format issues. A desktopa desktop is a computer wallpaper version of it is available at