Version 6.12


Version 6.12
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  • Balance changes.
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← 6.11 Version 6.11(Full list) Bug fixes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.106.12 →  -Recreate bug fixed where anyhero could instantly relearn all his abilities (no cd zeus bug as well as others) -Invoke will only add 6.12b → Version 6.12b(Full list) Balance changes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.126.13 →  --I appologize for the frequent releases, but i needed to releaseAnnounce this to address some issues and make this map stable as i

 -Mac issue improved a bit -Increased mana cost per level on leo reincarnation -Removed many rocks that stopped certain spells from working and caused unit blocking -Doom less damage/duration but a lot less cooldown also -Fun hero Tavern created (invoker and techies moved there) use "-fun" -Invoker`s Reagents small mana cost removed -Invoke cooldown decreased from 15 to 12 -Fixed deathmatch win condition error -Feast percentage reduced, but feast no longer orb effect (like he used to be) -Poison sting duration decreased from 3 to 2 -Tweaked bount hunter`s ww -Tweaked all of clinkz abilities a bit -TB meta attack range from 575->500 -Nerfed str per lvl from 2.4->1.9 on tb -Improved loading a little bit (like it was in 6.09b) -Improved lag issues on enchantress heal -Changed backtrack animation (helps with lag issues also) -Stout shield cost is now 300 -BKB related fatal error issue fixed -Shroud of flames reworked -TDA Rules updated -Buffed damage on sand storm a little -Some misc typos -Tweaked leoric skills a bit  Notes: Old heroes may make appearances in the fun tavern Invoker will be in the fun tavern for a version or so This release is geared towards being the tournament version  In response to questions/comments: ======================== Just because a heroes moved to this tavern doesn`t not mean in any way that he won`t make it back. It is mostly temporary. Most new heroes will also make a stop there for a version before coming to main, to help map stability.  Invoker: A hero with 27 abilities should have been placed in this type of tavern to begin with. He isn`t moved here due to balance, its due to potential bugs, as with any hero with 27 abilities may have. After a version or so, he will be restored. Don`t worry  Techies: He was NOT moved because he was imbalanced, he wasn`t. He was also not moved due to "newbs crying" like some of you put it. Most of the people who had a say in him being moved were highly skilled recognized players in the community. He was moved instead of removed completely because there are still techies lovers. I will consider a -nf mode that some of you suggested for a future version.  Clinkz: I don`t think he was or is too str