Version 6.10


Version 6.10
(Full list) See game build updates. For a list of all updates, see Patches. Versions are successive Dota 2 builds that bring new content and balance changes to the game. Most major versions are
Release Date
← 6.09b Version 6.09b(Full list) Balance changes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.096.10 →  *Fixed bug with bear and illusion rune/manta *Fixed duration of greater bash (was error in 6.09) *Fixed 3rd Middle sent tower becoming vulnerable 6.11 → Version 6.11(Full list) Bug fixes. Release Date DotA:Date Needed  ← 6.106.12 →  -Recreate bug fixed where anyhero could instantly relearn all his abilities (no cd zeus bug as well as others) -Invoke will only add

 -Faceless void remade -Invoker, new scourge hero -Improved item drop system (all items can now be dropped once cooldown is over) -Placed a limit on the number of chickens you can hold -Fixed conversion on spirit bear bug -Roshan now has chance to drop rare item -Improved accuracy on death timer -Fixed bug where multicast chances increased when ogre had images created -Fixed bug with Nature`s Attendants -Fixed bug where you can`t get a greaterbash with netherstrike if you just got a greaterbash -Removed the "Zone Indicator" text when you use -ap -Removed many unused objects from map -Changed counterhelix damage type from magical to physical -Tweaked poison nova, same overall damage, but over 12 seconds instead of 7. -Removed mana cost on morph -Reduced cooldown on Linken`s sphere ability from 2 to 1 minute. -Cleaned up recipe tooltips -When you use scroll of teleportation, the target structure becomes immune to damage for the casting time (helps vs backdooring) -Broodmother`s web now has truesight, misc typos on it fixed. -Increased attack cooldown time on N`aix from 1.60 to 1.70 (like the majority of heroes, more of a fix than a balancing act). -Light Strike and Split Earth caster unit bug fixed -Increased damage on radiance from 65 to 70 -Reduced Mask of Madness recipe cost from 1200 to 1100 -Slightly improved blinkstrike timing -Slightly increased the speed that the souls come out in Requiem of souls -BoT can no longer target heroes, BoT recipe reduced a bit as a result. -Minor nerf sven move speed -Minor cooldown increase on scythe -Decreased BKB cooldown slightly -Phantom Assassin and Stealth Assassin may now use Blink Strike to allies -Cooldown on blade fury increased -Slight movement speed increase per Grow on Tiny -Buffed Nether ward -Buffed range on Pugna`s Life Drain by 100 with scepter and by 50 without -Added a mana cost to King Leoric`s Reincarnation -Increased range on shop buying -Reduced diabolic edict cooldown from 30/30/30/30 to 30/28/26/24 -Changed (improved) bladefury hotkeys -Slightly increased cooldown on rhasta wards and Midnight pulse -Made shortmode shorter, a little more gold and exp -Improved level 3 towers a bit (no longer weaker than level 2 towers) -Slightly improved regen on rax -Reduced the aoe on Midnight Pulse a little -Reduced duration of Rhasta and Lion`s Hex from 2/3/4/5 to 1/2/3/4 -Increased repel cooldown from 12 to 20 seconds -Buffed Enfeeble, changed cd/duration around a bit. -Changed Leshrac Split Earth AOE from 150/150/200/210 to 150/175/200/225 -Stout shield incorrect numbers fixed -Ring of Basilius incorrect numbers fixed -Scepter mana/hp typos -Scythe duration typo -S&Y said 15% chance to maim but actually 10%, restored to 15% -Slight increased range on waveform -Fixed reverse polarity so you cannot move roshan -Removed unusable hotkeys off morph agi/str so u can properly use hotkeys to learn -Rebased Morphling`s Morph to allow for proper attack while morphing attributes -Changed hotkey on burrowstrike to e, like regular impales -Reduced necronomicon recipe from 1100 to 800 -Reduced Linken`s Sphere recipe from 1525 to 1425 -Nerfed Sven`s cleave from 15/30/45/60 to 12/25/37/50 -Reworked anti-mage spell shield (10/20/30/40 magic resist passive no ias reduction) -Increased pugna move speed from 295 to 315 -Made CM and Lich nova hotkeys the same, v. -Stout Shield price reduced from 400 to 200 -Removed the frostnova animation from -refresh -Fixed bug where -movespeed would stop working -Disabled randoming after a certain period, prevents certain multihero abuses -Made collision size on Meta 8GBTeraByte same as regular, as the meta could get stuck in certain situations -Added note to MKB about the 0.01 stun effect -Cleaned up the agi/int/str information tooltip when you hover over your hero stats -Changed Magnus`s Shockwave hotkey to be W like other abilities of this form (as a result, empower->E) -Fixed typo in Return on Centuar -Fixed Pacifism typos -Scepter tooltips to reflect which hero the created scepter works on -Blade Fury typo -Lucy lvl? typo fixed -Broodmother Insatiable Hunger typo at lvl 2 -Reverse polarity typo fixed -Faceless Void Description changed to the one unHOLYdoNUTS posted -Broodmother description changed to the one CrashTestDummy posted -Soulbooster Typos -Diffusal Typo -Sange Typo -Tweaked axe`s power distrubtion a bit: Berserker call from 100/150/200/250 to a constant 275 all levels with duration 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds instead of 3.5 Counter Helix from 175 to 100/125/150/175 dmg at a constant 15% chance Culling blade from 200/290, 300/400, 400/550 to 150/300, 250/450, 300/625 -Cleaned up Memory leaks in triggers: ManaVoid, Track, goo, freezing field, echo slam, aftershock, nature`s attendants, netherswap, craggy exterior, malefice, -recreate, tower death triggers, song of the siren, purification, Spirit lance, overgrowth, smoke screen, static field, wrath of zeus, lightning bolt, battle hunger, counter helix, berserkers call, movespeed, unstuck, creep Spawn -Nerfed clinkz move speed by 10 but buffed clinkz attack range from 600 to 975 to even out.